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San Antonio COVID Testing

Receive on-site COVID-19 testing services for your business, school, event, or venue.

Even while vaccinated, you can spread the virus and show symptoms. For these reasons, it’s important to have adequate testing for your employees, guests, students, attendees, and more!

Mobile COVID Testing is a mobile laboratory capable of establishing on-site covid testing centers anywhere in the Greater San Antonio area.

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San Antonio COVID Testing for Events

Enjoy Your Event Stress-Free

Event On-Site COVID Testing

Protect your event’s VIPs, employees, and attendees with on-site COVID testing from our team.

We’re able to set up walk-through or drive-through testing centers on-site to create an efficient testing process.

We can administer PCR or rapid antigen tests for your needs.

We are happy to service all types of events: weddings, conventions, seminars, lectures, fundraising events, and more!

San Antonio COVID Testing for Businesses

Protect Your Business

Business COVID Testing

Make sure your business continues to operate as efficiently as possible with on-site COVID testing.

Our technicians will administer rapid antigen or PCR tests to your employees to ensure they are healthy and free of COVID.

We are extremely versatile in that we conform to your strict schedule, offering testing services at the best possible times.

Schedule on-site COVID testing with our team today!

San Antonio COVID Testing for Concerts

Keep Attendees and VIPs Safe

On-Site Concert COVID Testing

It’s important you maintain a healthy and safe venue so that your VIPs and guests can have a fun time.

We provide on-site COVID testing services for your guests, employees, and VIPs.

Our team makes it easy for each of these groups to get tested, providing walk-through and drive-through testing centers.

We can set up almost anywhere inside or outside your venue.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our on-site COVID testing.

About Our Services

Mobile COVID-19 Testing is a mobile laboratory comprised of experienced and highly trained technicians who can provide you with on-site COVID testing for your event or business.

COVID-19 Testing in San Antonio

Mobile COVID-19 Testing serves the Greater San Antonio area. We offer comprehensive on-site covid testing to businesses, event planners, venues, and so many more in the city. Our team is highly experienced in administering PCR and rapid antigen tests. Get in touch with our team to book your on-site COVID testing center for your needs.

Why Choose Our Team for COVID Testing

Mobile COVID Testing offers a plethora of benefits to businesses, venues, and events across the San Antonio area. Many choose us to keep their businesses and events safe because of the following: 

On-Site COVID Testing

Highly Trained Medical Staff

The medical staff on our team is highly trained and follows all the necessary guidelines to administer tests.

They are required to wear masks and gloves when administering tests.

When working with our team, your business or event will be in the right hands.

Remain Safe

When choosing our testing services, you, your employees, or your guests experience a safe, healthy environment.

No one has to worry about someone being infected and passing the virus onto others.

Get in touch with our team today to promote a safe and healthy business or venue.

Proper Equipment and Safe Testing

The testing we perform is safe and administered by someone who has proper training.

They must wear gloves and a mask while administering tests, so your exposure to others is minimal.







Experienced Staff

Each member of our team has many years of experience in the healthcare or medical industries. They know how to appropriately administer tests for fast and accurate results.

Equipped Effectively

Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools to administer PCR or rapid antigen tests to your employees or attendees. Technicians are required to wear masks and gloves when administering tests so they remain safe and healthy throughout the testing process.

On-Site Testing

All of our on-site COVID testing centers can be set up with walk-throughs or drive-throughs, depending on your business or venue. This process makes testing as efficient and safe as possible. 

Professional Services

All of our services are carried out professionally. Customer service is especially important to our team and having a professional team will help carry out a positive and friendly experience. 

Fast and Timely

Attendees or employees get their test results quickly when you choose rapid antigen tests. These tests are fast and effective in identifying the virus. The longest they’ll have to wait is 15 minutes, as that’s how long the test takes to process.

Our Commitment

Mobile COVID-19 Testing San Antonio  is dedicated to helping reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Through these qualities and features, we are able to provide you with fast, reliable, and effective testing.

"I used Mobile COVID Testing for on-site testing for a birthday party I hosted. It was super efficient and their team did a great job at keeping everyone safe."

– Jeffrey P.

"I used their testing services so I could host a small party at my place. They tested everyone for a great price."

– Amanda K.

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