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On-Site Event COVID Testing

Maintain the safety and health of your guests, staff, and VIP with on-site event COVID testing. Our on-site testing services streamline the process for a minimal wait time, and you are immediately alerted of any positive tests. Ensure your event is not the cause of someone getting sick with our on-site services.

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Weddings, Parties, & Corporate Events

Your special day or event should be void of any health or safety concerns. By utilizing our on-site COVID testing services, you can prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is especially important for elderly family members and those with compromised immune systems. Protect those closest to you and others within your party or corporate event. 

Sports Events

It doesn’t matter what type of sports event you may have because our team can provide on-site COVID-19 testing services. We’ve worked with community sports, college-level sports, and even national sports events. Our highly experienced technicians provide efficient testing for your guests, players, and staff. Give us a call no matter the size and scope of your sports event. 

Concerts, Music Festivals, & Orchestras

On-site COVID testing helps protect your performers, VIPs, employees, and guests. Ensure everyone within the event can enjoy their time without worrying about contracting COVID-19. Our team mitigates the chance of your event being a major spreading event amongst guests and staff members.

Conferences, Seminars, & Lectures

Keep the focus on professional development at your conference, seminar, or lecture with on-site COVID-19 testing. By testing your VIPs and attendees, you mitigate the spread and promote a healthy environment. This is especially essential when companies are striving to keep their employees healthy and minimize their sick downtime.

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Covid-19 Testing for Events

Why Have On-Site Testing for Your Event

Mobile COVID-19 Testing is committed to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Our highly qualified team of technicians provides our on-site testing for various venues such as concert halls, sports arenas, ballrooms, conference centers, and more. By working with these venues and their event planners, we can help reduce or minimize the spread of COVID-19. There are many reasons as to why you should choose our team, which you can learn more about below: 

Experienced Lab Technicians

All of our lab technicians are highly qualified and trained in administering tests efficiently and effectively. They process these tests accurately in order to provide you with the best results in the most timely manner. 

15-Minute Testing

The most suitable testing option for venues and events is the rapid antigen COVID test. This test is performed with a swift nasal or oral swab. It is then processed and provides results within 15 minutes, making the wait time for guests minimal.

Positive Test Alert System

When it comes to positive COVID tests, we believe you should know as soon as possible. That is why we have developed a proprietary system to notify you immediately of any positive COVID test. From there, you can handle the guest, staff member, or VIP according to your protocols. 

Streamlined Testing

When setting up an on-site COVID testing center, our team can provide you with many different options. Our technicians can set up walk-through or even drive-through lines. These systems create an efficient method of testing your attendees without hindering their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of space do you need for on-site COVID testing?

Our team doesn’t need a lot of space to test your attendees, staff, and VIPs. We can set up our testing center outside the entrance or in the parking lot in many cases. These locations are perfect for walk-through or drive-through lines. Interior locations also work, such as a small room or a lobby.

How many people are you able to test for my event?

Mobile COVID-19 Testing has the ability to test all of your guests and attendees. Our technicians have provided on-site COVID testing for various events ranging in all types of sizes. Give our team a call to speak to us about the size of your event. 

How are positive COVID tests dealt with?

You and your team are notified immediately of any positive test through our proprietary system. Once you are alerted of a positive COVID test, you may handle the guest, staff member, or VIP according to your protocols.

How do you administer tests to guests when they arrive?

Our team streamlines the process of administering tests through walk-through or drive-through lines based on the venue. A technician administers the test via a nasal or oral swab as guests come through the line. That test is then processed in a matter of seconds. The guest must then remain in their car or in a designated area before results are finalized. This whole process takes 15 minutes in total.

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