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New Orleans COVID Testing

Mobile COVID Testing offers on-site COVID testing for businesses and venues in Greater New Orleans.

We have technicians capable of serving your event or business, no matter the size or specific needs you may require. Our team strives to serve you as best as possible to ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers, and guests.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our on-site COVID testing in New Orleans.

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On-Site Event COVID Testing

Protect Attendees and VIP

On-Site Event COVID Testing

It’s important that your VIPs, employees, and attendees can focus on the event rather than the people around them.

Mobile COVID Testing provides on-site event testing for all types of events.

We’ve worked with conventions, weddings, lectures, birthday parties, seminars, and so many others.

Our experienced technicians are able to provide your attendees with fast and reliable COVID testing before entering the venue. Give us a call today to learn more.

On-Site Business COVID Testing

Run an Efficient Business

Business COVID Testing

Don’t put your business at risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. Protect your customers and employees with on-site COVID testing from Mobile COVID Testing.

We provide PCR and rapid antigen tests to meet your needs and keep your business running efficiently as possible.

Our testing services accommodate your schedule, so the test is performed at the optimal times with minimal downtime.

To take advantage of on-site COVID testing, give our team a call.

On-Site Concert COVID Testing

Enjoy the Music

On-Site Concert COVID Testing

Concerts are meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded.

Your guests could potentially do just that if they are concerned with the people next to them.

For this reason, we help ease guests’ nerves with on-site COVID testing. Our technicians administer PCR or rapid antigen tests for the convenience of your guests and your venue.

This type of service prevents the spread of this virus and promotes good time amongst concertgoers.

Give our team a call so your concert can be experienced without the stress of COVID-19 looming over everyone. 

About Our Services

We offer on-site COVID-19 testing services for businesses, venues, event halls, and more in the New Orleans area. Our highly qualified technicians provide the service employees and guests need when working or attending an event.

COVID-19 Testing in New Orleans

Mobile COVID-19 Testing serves the Greater New Orleans areas, providing on-site COVID-19 testing to businesses, venues, concert halls, and more. Our team strives to stop the spread of the COVID virus so that businesses and events can operate without the threat of people getting sick or feeling unsafe. We have a highly professional team of technicians capable of providing these services efficiently and effectively anywhere in New Orleans.

Why Choose On-Site COVID Testing

You may be wondering if on-site COVID testing is right for your business or venue. Well, there are a number of benefits you can expect when you choose our team for such services. 

On-Site COVID Testing in New Orleans

Keep Operating Efficiently

With on-site COVID testing, your employees will be able to stay healthy and safe as they do their job.

This helps keep your business running smoothly with little to no downtime.

Entince More Guests

Events, venues, and concert halls will attract more people when they know on-site COVID testing is available.

This service will entice more guests to attend your event because they’ll feel safer.

In turn, they can enjoy the event more without thinking about getting sick. 

Prevent Outbreaks

On-site testing greatly prevents COVID outbreaks amongst your employees and guests.

You can keep people healthier and safer for longer when you have on-site testing services from a qualified team. 







Highly Trained Staff

Every staff member on our team is skilled and experienced in administering tests. Many of them have experience in the healthcare and medical industries, while others have been expertly trained. Each technician is required to wear a mask and gloves when administering tests.

Equipped Effectively

We offer PCR and rapid antigen tests for our on-site COVID-19 testing services. Our team is adequately equipped to process these tests properly and get your employees or attendees results as soon as possible. 

On-Site Testing

Our team offers on-site testing that fits your specific schedule. We can set up walk-through or drive-through testing centers to make the process as fast as possible. This helps your employees get back to work sooner and your guests to enjoy the event faster. 

Professional Services

All of our services are carried out by professional and customer-focused services. Customer service is really important to our team and having an experienced team will help us achieve those goals. 

Fast and Timely

Venues and businesses benefit from our fast and efficient testing because it reduces downtime to a minimum. Your employees can get back to work sooner and your guests to the festivities.

Our Commitment

Mobile COVID-19 Testing New Orleans is dedicated to helping reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Through these qualities and features, we are able to provide you with fast, reliable, and effective testing.

"My company used Mobile COVID Testing for a corporate event we hosted at a park. They were super polite and testing was fast!"

– Dian E.

"I used their testing services so I could host a small party at my place. They tested everyone for a great price."

– Carmen Family

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